How To Enter The ICO Watchdog Airdrop JOIN OUR TELEGRAM GROUPS

The first 10,000 participants who join will be eligible for the airdrop.

How can you participate in the airdrop?

  1. Join the and ICO Watchdog Telegram groups.
  2. Provide your Telegram username and ERC-20 compatible wallet (see full list of accepted wallets below).

TIO holders with over 2,500 TIO tokens will automatically qualify for this airdrop.

How many tokens are being given out?

250 DOG tokens will be allocated to each wallet. A total of 2.5 million DOG tokens will be distributed with a maximum of 10,000 participants.

When will a snapshot be taken of wallets holding TIO?

10 August 2018.

When will airdrops be delivered?

13 August 2018 to all eligible wallets.


Don't hold TIO?

Find out how to buy TIO tokens below and become eligible for the automatic qualification of DOG tokens and future airdrop campaign tokens, delivered straight to your wallet.

IMPORTANT: Accepted Wallets

To receive tokens, participants will need to use ONLY a wallet from the list below. (If it’s not listed below, participants will NOT receive their airdrop)*

- MyEtherWallet (no download needed)
- MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon)
- Mist (Desktop)
- Parity (Desktop)
- Parity + Ledger (Hardware wallet)
- imToken (iPhone)
- imToken (Android)
- Trust (iPhone)
- Trust (Android)
- Cipher (iPhone)
- Cipher (Android)

* Please note that assumes no responsibility for any participants who do not receive their airdropped tokens


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Token Symbol:DOG


If you're not already a TIO holder but want to participate in the TIO holders airdrop scheme,
you can purchase TIO from these exchanges to become eligible.

After purchasing your TIOs, transfer them to a MyEtherWallet address.